Career Development – Techniques and Motivations From Millionaires Life

Career Development

Motivation is the most important thing for a goal,doesn’t matter it’s about to make money online or become a millionaire or career development.

Success based on your hard work and your hard work based on motivation

And how you are excited on your goal.

Read from beginning to end,

you may get a good direction for your life to your career development.

Career Development Tips From The Millionaires

Bill Gates:

Bill Gates is The richest person in the world and The Most successful tech company Microsoft’s Co Founder.

We can pick him as a roll model of our life.

Techniques from Bill Gates’s life:

Be competitive be smart: Bill is a man who always wants to win.

Doesn’t matter how much time it takes for success we must try our best.Strong desire to succeed will make you successful.

Set the goal: Setting a goal in your life is major part of success.

Fight until the goal is achieved.

May be the track is painful and long distanced but you have to fight with your best.

Read books: You can never be smart if you are not interested to read books.

Bill Gates was a dedicated reader from his childhood.Bill still reads 50 books in year and  notes about them in gatesnotes.

By reading various books like Gate,you can improve your knowledge and that gonna help must.

He believes that the success is not clear at all.

Sometime we fail to choose the best opportunity and that throw us in failure.

When you choose a opportunity,effort your best with the limited resources for your career development.

Once the opportunity goes from your hand that not gonna come back easily.

career development 2

Steve Jobs:

Steven Paul Jobs who is known as Steve Jobs who was the developer of the leading tech company “Apple”.

He was adopted at early age and he belongs from a lower middle class family.

He struggled a lot for his goal until his death.

Let me show you how he developed his career in real life with the ideas.

Techniques from Steve Job’s Life:

Be patience: Steve was planing to open a software company at his early age but he can’t open for less money.

But he was well focused on his dream and finally opened a company named “Apple” at age 20.

Apple was running towards success slowly and it became well known company when Steve was 30.

Do what you love to do: After a few years when Apple running successfully,

Steve hired some intelligent guy in his company and the growth was decreasing .

In a board meeting of Apple Steve Jobs has been kicked out from his own company.

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He became totally frustrated but he did not stop.

He was depressed but the Love for his work remain the same.

He started from new. Started a new company named “Next”.

One day the Apple had to buy the Next and Steve came back on his dream company Apple.

Shahrukh Khan:

Shahrukh Khan is know as the King of Bollywood and he is world’s 2nd richest actor.

He is an actor,businessman, IPL (Indian premier league) team owner.

Whose assets amount to 600 million.

He was born in a poor family and his hard work made him the King of Bollywood.

Techniques from Shahrukh Khan’s Life:

Dream big: In his childhood, Shahrukh told his teacher that he wants to be a Bollywood actor,

and his teacher abused him and told his mother that”It’s a unrealistic dream for a lower middle-class family boy”.

But Shahrukh believed in himself.

Don’t consider any work to be big or small: His first earning was 50 rupee (0.77$) as a ticket vendor.

Shahrukh did all kind of film that rejected by other actors.

He never considered any job small or big.

Shahrukh said”I just want to work more and work better”.He just waited for the opportunity to prove himself.

career development

Failure is a part of life: Shahrukh Khan lost his parents at young age and his film started to be flop back to back.His production “Dreams Unlimited” failed so badly.

But Shahrukh never give up.

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Anyone of you think “why i should do these kind of hard work.If i win a lottery or jackpot then i can easily develop my career “.

what? seriously?

Big big no. A research has revealed that the 80% of lottery winner or quickly Developed careers became poor within a few years.

On the other side those people who developed their career by hard work if they become poor again 80% of them can recover it.

Conclusion :

(failing percentage is 90%)

Start with love for the work: At first start with love not for profit.

The job/business does not last long if you expect profit.

Another thing to be tensed that “Love” and “Attraction” are not the same.

Love remains same after failure and Attraction decreases after failure.

Update and Change: Facebook started in 2003 with the Name Facemash.

it was just  a game like Hot or not. After that Facemash started to add more features and Named it Facebook.


No shortcuts, choose smart ways and work hard or regret sitting at home.

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