Career Planning – How To Choose The Perfect Career For Life

Career Planning

If we go for a 7-day trip, we start planning it from 1 month earlier. Now suppose you have to go for a 30-year trip, how much should you plan?  That’s why career planning is so much important.

By the age of 25-50 you will have to do 6-8 hours of work.

If that happens to you that you get annoyed after 5 minutes after doing the work, then how bad can it be for you.

career planning

Whenever we talk about choosing a career, we give importance to two things

  1. Monthly income of the job
  2. What people will say about the job

But the most important thing should be love for the job.So it’s really important before career planning that “whether you are interested or not in your work.”

And we do not care about it when we choose our career.

Why we do this before career planning?

  • Fear: Whenever we find something like ours, then first of all comes to our head how much we can earn from it. And what if it fails,these two fears prevent us from proceeding forward.
  • Money: If we do any work to make money, then within a few days our frustration continues to grow and that effects our job and relation,all the anger of office come out to the house.

What should we do now?

Find the interest: First of all we have to try new things to find our interest.Try at least one new thing every month until the permanent interest is unlocked.

Whether it is photography or cooking or blogging.

It’s not possible to find a career by testing online. Don’t test online or just sit down and think. Try to do it physically.

career planning


So we have to do any work for at least 1 month.And you have to look that your interest to the work is increasing or decreasing.

If you find your favorite job in this way , then it is very good.

If you have genuine interest towards your job, you can easily concentrate on the job.So you can practice and do so. practice will increase your skill.If you have a skill then today or tomorrow you will get the chance.

I don’t know my interest or i am still finding my interest

If you have not yet found your interest or are still searching for it. You have to consider one thing that how strong your concentration power is.

If your concentration power is very good, if you can concentrate in a work that you are not interested in or the work that is absolutely boring, such as study then you can choose

Highly competitive field : When you’r concentration power is high on study then you can choose a highly competitive field like Engineering field,Medical field etc.

If you can’t concentrate highly on study you can concentrate for some time then you can choose low competitive field : Business,self employ etc.and you have to smart work there.

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What is smart work to career planning?

Increase the understandings: If your understanding is clear to your job then you will know that how the work is done.And what your clients want from you.

Increase the communicating skill: If you have a great communication skill then you can convince your client for your product.

Understand the market strategy well: If you have a good communication skills, you can easily provide your service/product to the customer. Learn how to advertise to reach more people.

Final words:

If this article helped you a very little bit to career planning. Please share it freely so we can reach more people and we can help more people. (Some of the techniques taken from Sandeep Maheshwari how to choose a career session)

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No shortcuts, choose smart ways and work hard or regret sitting at home.

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