Coronavirus Prevention – 5 Best Tips That Actually Help

The new Coronavirus Sars-Cov-2 which is known as the COVID-19 spreading like crazy. Emergency situation running all over the world. In this kind of pandemic, it is really hard to be patient and stay active in a lockdown. But you had to be active and productive for yourself in this situation. You have to be mentally and physically strong for Coronavirus prevention. There is no other way now.

As the situation right now, it is better to get ready for the battle with the new COVID-19. And this is the perfect time to make yourself ready. And I’ll give you some scientific suggestions that will make you a great fighter against the virus. I think I’m a bit late for writing this. I apologize, it takes time for some research before creating content.

Coronavirus Prevention

You’ve to focus only on yourself right now. You’ve to prepare yourself first then try to prepare your family as well. And today’s article is all about making yourself stronger, physically and mentally. And that is the most important thing right now. Watch out these 5 Tips I got for you guys in Coronavirus prevention.

First of all, you have to maintain social distancing. You had to respect the law right now. While wearing a mask, don’t touch your face. Stay clean and wash your hands and face very frequently and then follow these 5 guidelines and prepare the battle against the coronavirus.

Eating Healthy

Why eating healthy is really important? There are hundreds of reasons for this. But in this situation, if you want your immune to fight against the new Coronavirus you had to take healthy diets. Your antibody becomes what you eat. If you fill yourself with unhealthy junk foods, your antibody cell becomes weak. And taking a healthy diet makes your antibody stronger. So you have to keep taking healthy foods, such as – green vegetables, honey, milk, egg, meat, etc.

eat a healthy diet

Eating healthy foods will also make you strong and keep you active all over the day. So there is no other way you can avoid healthy foods.

Drink More and More Water

Our phagocytes swim in ECF (extracellular fluid). So if you wanna have the best performance of your immune system you must drink more and more clean water for. Not only water all kinds of healthy fluids can help in Coronavirus prevention. Such as – fresh fruit juice.

drink clean water to fight with coronavirus Drinking water also helps to process your foods and stimulates digestive performance. It also helps in proper blood circulation. It washes out toxic substances from the blood. It makes your body cool and fresh.

Drinking clean water increases intracellular and extracellular fluid, thus helping free entrance of phagocytes(Neutrophil, Monocytes, Macrophage) both at extra and intracellular levels and induces immunity.

Make sure that the water you are drinking is clean other ways it can be harmful instead.


Stay Stress-Free

It is scientifically proven that stress decreases the power of your immune system. The stress hormone makes your immune system ineffective. It is highly recommended to you that you have to keep yourself stress-free. Not only stress even anxiety and sadness can also suppress the effectiveness of our immune system.


It is really hard to stay stress-free in a pandemic situation. But you have to do it for yourself. It is one of the important parts of the battle against the Coronavirus. Some tips to stay stress-free:

  • Avoid listening to pandemic news all the time.
  • Try to find out some positive news every day.
  • Give time to your family.
  • Play with your children or pet.
  • Remind yourself “how hard time you’ve been successfully passed” and it is also one of them. Just some matter of time. Everything will be like it was before very soon.
  • You’ve been the one out of 400M sperm. Try to give yourself courage.
  • Lots of prayer and meditation.

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Exercise on a Daily Basis

You can’t avoid doing exercise every day. All of these are connected to each other. Doing a minimum of exercise every day at home can increase your energy level so much. And obviously it will increase your immune system and reduce toxins that are produced naturally from your body.

All of your body will be filled with oxygen that will help you to reduce more and more toxic elements. So please try to do a minimum of 30 mins / 1-hour exercise every day. You don’t need to go to the gym or outside your home to do exercise. You can do it in a lockdown situation.


You can do Jumping Jacks, Skipping, Push-ups. There is an article published on the internet on how you can exercise at home in this Coronavirus outbreak. I’ve given the link, you can read it.

Stop watching Netflix all the time, this is not the situation to eat sleep and repeat.  You’ve to wake up, you’ve to move your body because your body is meant to move.

Take Some Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Vitamins are so much important in this situation. We’re getting ready to fight against the virus and all we have right now is our immune system.


We have to make our inner body system better and better. Try to take vitamin supplements in a daily dose. Minerals like zinc have a role in preventing novel coronavirus. It blocks the entry of coronavirus in lung alveolar cells.

Vitamin A, C & E are known as an antioxidant. Vitamin C can be the best out of them. You can talk to a doctor and fix your daily dose. I’m not a doctor so I can’t tell you to have any amount of the dose. But I take a multivitamin tablet and 2 vitamin C as a daily dose.

Vitamin D can also be handy. I recommend you to contact with a physician and make a vitamin prescription as soon as possible.




I’m writing this article in a lockdown situation. Coronavirus outbreak already spread all over the world. And the whole world is in an emergency situation right now. We have to be prepared to face it. Every minute is important right now. Follow these guidelines properly. First, focus on yourself, then your family.

And please share this article as much as you can, I turned off advertisement so you don’t have any problem to read this. I really wanna help people out all over the world right now. We have to do it together. We need to make our world again as it was before the outbreak.

If this article helped you a very little, please put a comment below and let me know. It will inspire me to research more and bring more helpful articles for you. Goodluck. Have a good day keep visiting us back.


No shortcuts, choose smart ways and work hard or regret sitting at home.

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