Earn By Typing – 5 Best Platforms For Beginners To Build Career

Earn By Typing

Not only temporary earning, These earnings are permanent  and you can make your career by doing these jobs.
Basically freelancing is one of the most trusted ways to earn money online.And you can earn by typing for your client in these platforms.

In this article i will provide you full details on how to earn by typing in 5 freelancing platforms

I am sorry to say you that freelancing is not a platform that will fulfill your financial needs quickly.

5 Best Platforms for Beginners To Earn By Typing:

These 5 freelancing platforms are so easy to use for the beginners and so much trusted and reliable.You can choose any 1 of these and start working to make money by typing.

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These platforms not gonna make you millionaire overnight. You have to work hard at first.And believe me success will come soon and when it will come you don’t have to look back in your life.

You can write about anything on this platform Such as:

  • Story Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Blog Writing:
  • eBook Writing
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Fiction Writing
  • Copy writing

So let’s know more about those 5 platform to earn by typing.

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#1 Fiverr

fiverr2-earn by typing

Fiverr is one of the leading marketplace for buyers and sellers.There service starting from just 5$,It ranked 462 Globally and 335 on USA.

This is the most popular freelancing platform in the web.If you can give some time on fiverr your career is fully bright.

There are huge amount of client worldwide finding the best writer for his business or company.You can easily become one of them.But getting work on fiverr is not gonna be easy at first.

You must focus and work hard.

You can just Join and start doing gigs.Set your profile wisely.Be honest.And try to take 5* rating from all of your clients.

I have already said that getting order is not gonna be so easy at first.But if you become Second level Seller .You don’t have to look back.

Millions of people finding a good freelancer everyday on fiverr.When you join in fiverr and place your gig.

The clients will watch it and they will order if they like so you can earn money.The minimum price of a gig is 5$ so you can earn minimum 5$ for every of your typing task.

Not only you need a good typing skill you also have to improve your communication skill (with clients).

#2 Guru

guru.com-earn by typing

Guru is another better freelancing platform to start your career as a typer/writer online.It ranked 12,105 globally.


It’s another leading website that connects freelancers with clients world wide.

With a free membership you can post your gig as a writer and catch the clients who are finding someone for essential writing of them.

You can also get job here by bid on your clients.

#3 Contentmart


Contentmart is a writing based freelancing platforms for professional writers.If you’re a good writer then it’s the best platform for you.

124559+ clients finding there writer everyday.If you are a beginner and don’t have a good writing skill then this is not for you,

but if you have creative writing skill and improving day by day you can start your career as a writer from contentmart.

You can earn 1000$+ every month from contentmart by typing.Just improve your writing skill day by day and become a writing expert.

I will write a full details article on contentmart to earn by typing online soon.Stay with readandwork.

#4 Peopleperhour


Peopleperhour is another freelancing platform where more than 1M+ people are using  daily to  find freelance work or find the best talent.The platform started in 2007 and still running succesfully.


After join here,you can find lot of people finding a writer for their company . You can get here job as a writer by sending proposal to your clients.

So you need to know how to confess people and write a Out of the box proposal to get a the job quickly.

Here you go the details about Peopleperhour to start your career as a seller and earn money.

#5 Iwriter


Iwriter is a freelancing platform like the contentmart,It’s only for the writers online.You can earn up to 80$ per page on (500 word only).Just choose your topic and start writing as a iwriter,


Some words for the Writers

It will take a while before you can finish every one of these and begin profiting. However, all that exertion will be worth it.Keep enhancing yourself and don’t quit learning.

In the book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell says, you need to practice your skills for 10,000 hours to master it.

Platforms doesn’t matter.If you are a good writer then you can become successful in any platform given on the up.So keep practicing and improve yourself day by day.

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No shortcuts, choose smart ways and work hard or regret sitting at home.

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