An Educational Short Story – Stop Reacting Too Much From Now (Must Read)

I was just sitting beside the window and listening to a story. The story really touched my heart. I thought I must share this with my blog readers.

So I came with an interesting and educational short story today, that definitely gonna teach you something. So let’s begin.

Sometimes we really react too much without any major reason. We just can’t take something badly unexpected. Let me start the story as an example.

Think that, Tausif and Tauhid are two brothers. And they both are married. They both do the same job in a multinational company and Tausif’s house is in front of Tauhid’s house. They both had 1 daughter.

One day, The boss called an important board meeting in the office. Both Tauhid and Tausif were invited there. The boss told them to bring some important files on the day.

On the day, Tauhid gets up early in the morning and gets ready for the office with important files in the bag. His wife just gives the breakfast into the dining.

Tauhid and his daughter was taking breakfast together. Tauhid was in so hurry. He had to drop his daughter into school and then he will go to the meeting.

Suddenly, the girl drops the curry into his father shirt by mistake. And Tauhid’s shirt got stained. He started shouting with anger.

The example Tauhid is shouting with anger

His anger was limitless. After that, he changed the shirt quickly and left home and told his wife to drop her daughter onto the school.

He was in so much hurry. Finally, he joined the meeting. But, he realized that he left the important meeting files at home. His boss suspended him right away.

On the same day,

Tausif also gets up early in the morning and gets ready for the office and the meeting. He had to drop his daughter like Tauhid’s.

He was taking breakfast with his daughter and the same incident happened with Tausif that happened with Tauhid.

Tausif’s shirt also got stained badly. But, but Tausif took it easily. He thought it was just an accident. He behaved normally. Just told his girl that she had to be more careful while taking breakfast.

Example Tausif accepting things normally

He changed his shirt quickly and got into the car with his daughter. He dropped his girl onto school and joined the meeting in time. He was fully ready with his files.

And after that meeting, Tausif was promoted as the CEO of the company and his brother has fired right away.

So, what can we learn from the 2 example?

The situation and the circumstances were the same in both stories. But the end result was totally different. And the difference was made by¬†Tauhid’s own fault.


You can’t stop life from happening to you, But you can choose how you respond.

You had no control what happened in your life. You have no control what’s happening in your life. You will have no control over in future.

See things in a positive way. Don’t react or show anger too much. It makes you bitter.

When you’re bitter it affects every area of your life. Bitterness poisons your attitude and you see things in a negative way.

Enjoy reading?

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I hope this educational short story may help you in the future. If this article helped you a little bit, please share with your friends and families.

And please leave a comment below and let us know how educational the short story was. It will give me the inspiration to write something more valuable to you.


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