10 Major Differences Between Good Friends and Bad Friends – (Beware)

In this article, you will find the correct definition of a good and a bad friend and then we tried to bring some examples and then we brought the major differences between them. Please don’t quit before fully read the article from beginning to end.

What is the definition of a good friend and a bad friend?

The emotional exchange is the foundation of a good friendship. Your good friend automatically accepts who you are and also helps you to become who you should be. And they are free to you, and you are also free to them.

There are no boundaries between you and your good friend. Good friends know your weakness but always shows you your strength.

It’s so much important for us to choose good friends in life. I can’t explain all the benefits of a good friend in 1 single article. You’ll notice the benefits in every part of life if you have a good friend in life.

What is the definition of a bad friend?

We all had that friend who is bad-tempered, a little jealous. Your bad friend can’t fully accept yourself, even they act as they do. They can’t be fully free with you and mostly they are jealous of what you are and what you’ve achieved. A bad friend is also called the toxic friend.

Obviously, they are harmful to you and they will teach you a lesson at a bad time, so you have to beware of bad friends right now.

It’s simple, you have to recognize them first then take the next step. I will show you how to recognize them and what to do after recognizing.

Qualities of good friends


Your good friends are truly happy with your success. If you are in a relationship or got a new shiny car. They’ll be the first to congrats and will ask you to celebrate.

They truly enjoy your achievement and they are proud of you.

They enjoy to have a conversation with you and they feel free to express their emotions. Your good friend will often have an interesting discussion with you.

You’ll also find the conversation interesting.

You feel free to say no to them. They understand your situation so easily. If you cancel a weekend plan they’ll never mind.

They don’t occupy your times. And they don’t expect any attention and time from you. They are happy with what you are naturally.

You meet with them with no fear and feel so comfortable. You talk to them freely and you can express any sort of feeling with them without being shy.

Like you can share your sad story and cry with them or sharing jokes and laughing so loudly.

Your good friends enjoy exchanging opinions with you. They are interested in your opinion. If your friend disagrees with you they’ll express it in the mildest form.


But they won’t believe you if you say I am gonna move to mars next week but they usually believe your stories. When you tell them something for instance from documentaries. They believe every word.

 Your Good friend often calls you and texts you, because they miss you. They will call you and be like “Hey how was the day?” even if you miss any important class or note they will be the first one to call you and inform you about it.

They know how to keep a secret. If you tell them please don’t tell anyone they’ll take it seriously and they’ll never tell that to anyone else.

Types of bad friends


They are little jealous of your achievement, they have got the ego and they think that you don’t deserve the achievement. They compare themselves to you.

Your bad friend can like your photos on social media but when you meet them, it’s easy to notice that they are a little jealous.

They usually don’t like to have a conversation with you. If they are having a conversation they just wanna end that up quickly.

Because they didn’t enjoy that. Even they can message you on social media but they are not free to you.

 They are like the spiders They literally need all your time and attention. They usually get offended when you want to spend some time alone or with other friends.

You always feel guilty when you say no to them.

You feel uncomfortable with them and you think twice before speak, they judge your every word. You can’t become what you are because they are offended.

 What gonna happened if you said anything and they didn’t like it? They’ll start criticism.

 Bad friends only wanna win an argument. They hardly reckon with your opinion because they think that only they are right and they try to prove it by any means.

If they disagree with you in any opinion they may not express it or they’ll express it with anger and disrespect. A bad friend doubts everything you say.

They are like ” Are you sure? It’s better to ask google”. No matter what you say, they will double check it. Because they don’t believe your words.

 Remember, I told you they are like spiders. your bad friend won’t like your other friends. They don’t wanna share you with other people.

They always want to be the center of your life. If you tell them a secret, they might fly that around the world. They’ll never keep anything secret.

10 Differences Between a Good Friend and a Bad Friend

good friend example 1bad friend example 1

good friend example 2bad friend example 2

good friend example 3bad friend example 3

good friend example 4bad friend example 4

good friend example 5bad friend example 5

good friend example 6bad friend example 6

good friend example 7bad friend example 7

good friend example 8bad friend example 8

good friend example 9bad friend example 9

good friend example 10bad friend example 10

What should we do after recognizing?

None of us loves losing a friend, and a few people deserve another opportunity. Your companion may not know that their conduct troubles you. It may be worth conversing with them and building up some solid limits:

° Tell them when their behavior is unwanted and unacceptable.

° Say ‘no’ when your friend asks for something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

° Point out to them when they’re acting mean or being critical of you.

° Talk to them about how their behavior makes you feel.

° It’s alright to reveal to them that on the off chance that they aren’t willing to treat you better, at that point it may be ideal in the event that you went separate ways.

Ending Friendship

On the off chance that the means you’ve taken don’t enhance things, at that point it may be a great opportunity to pull the fitting:

° Take a seat with your friend and clarify decently well that the friendship isn’t solid.

° Do whatever it takes not to blame them or to influence them to feel awful.

° Rather, disclose to them how the time you go through with them influences you to feel. It’s not possible for anyone to ever remove your sentiments from you.

° Tune in to their perspective and do whatever it takes not to contend with them.

° In the event that both of you gets irate, smoothly expel yourself from the circumstance.

° End the discussion as affably as possible, for their prosperity and yours.

Friendship Quotes

Quote no 1 :


One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.

Quote no 2 :

Fake friends believe in rumors. Real friends believe in you. – Yolanda Hadid

Quote no 3 :

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.- Thomas Aquinas

Quote no 4 :

True friends stab you in the front. – Oscar Wilde

Quote no 5 :

What I value most in my friends is loyalty. – David Mamet


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