How To Make Money From Youtube (Full Guidance For Beginner)

Make Money From Youtube

We all know that how much famous is youtube.

Millions of viewers daily visits youtube for their desired video.

In 2018 i think we all love to watch video more than reading articles online.

I personally love to watch video more than reading.

So there is already a huge opportunity created for you to make money from youtube.

So when there is already millions of viewers in youtube then why you are not making money from it?

We all can make money from youtube very easily.

That’s why my today’s article is about “How to make money from youtube”.

I will provide you full details about creating channel on youtube and how to make money from your videos.

let’s move on.

How To Create A Channel On Youtube

creator studio-make money from youtube

  • Click on Creator Studio

create a channel to make money from youtube

  • Now you will see a window like

channel creation to make money from youtube

  • Give a beautiful and eye catchy channel name and click on create channel..
  • Your channel is created 😀

How to Upload a Video on a Youtube Channel

  • When your channel is created you will be redirected to a new window like

Upload video-makemoneyfromyoutube

  • Click on the Up Arrow select to upload a video to make money from youtube
  • Now Click on Select video files to upload or you can dropdown a video from your device and upload it on youtube.

uploading a video to make money from youtube

How to Monetize Videos To Make Money From Youtube

enabling monetization to make money from youtube

  • There is a new policy of yotube to enable monetization:

You can apply for monetization at any time. To be reviewed, all channels need at least 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. This requirement allows us to properly evaluate new channels and helps protect the creator community. Learn more

I don’t have that much subscribers in my new channel so i can’t enable monetization right now.

I am not a professional youtuber and i don’t have enough time to make videos and upload it because i have this blog.

If you guys want to make money from youtube can start working now.

It’s so much easy.

Just make a good video and wait to go viral.

Types of Video You Can Make To Earn From Youtube:

You can make videos on these topic:

  • Funny video/troll video
  • Tutorial video
  • Social awareness video
  • Prank video
  • Etc

Choose the category that you love and that you are expert for and start your youtube now.

Ways To Make Money From Youtube

1.Google Adsense : You can make money online from youtube by monetizing your video with Google adsense ,

You can make money from youtube by showing ads to your viewer on your video.

It’s the most common and general way to make money from youtube.

And anyone of you can earn money by showing ads on your video.

2.Affiliate Marketing: Another useful way to make money from youtube.

Affiliate marketing means if you promote any product of a company to your viewers and if they buy the product from your referral link you will get a commission from the sale.

You can promote any online shop’s product on your video easily. Some best affiliate marketing place for youtube to make money online is

3.Promoting any offer: You can promote  any offer that is related to your video so you can make money from youtube.

There are many CPA (cost per action) website is available for offers you can promote.Like-Email Submitting,

Download any app from your referral link etc

4.Getting a sponsor: If you can make good videos and if get huge amount of views then you can get a sponsor easily and the sponsor.


No shortcuts, choose smart ways and work hard or regret sitting at home.

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