Waste Your Life – 5 Craziest Ways To Stay Always Unhappy (Serious_Fun)

So, you are interested to know about how to waste your life huh? Alright, I will teach you how to live a very unhappy and miserable life. Read this article carefully to live a life full of sadness.

I will tell you 5 easy steps to be unhappy and waste your whole life. Along the way, you may discover that you have already mastered many of them and practice them on a daily basis.

Let’s jump onto the steps.

1. Regret and Worry

In the morning, just remind yourself how bad things were. How badly they treated you.

Everything happened wrong with you and you know that you are the unluckiest guy in the world. You should spend most of your day thinking and living in the past. The dark past.

In the evening and before sleeping, try to think and worry about your future. Play a scenario in your head, play the “what if” game.

I mean what if you had a major disease tomorrow. What if there is an earthquake and your building is going to crash upon you. What if you die tomorrow.

Think of something that might happen tomorrow, something bad, let your mind consume that.

2. Expect From Others

Don’t try to complete a necessary task. Just expect that someone will come and do that. Expect everyone will respect you, love you.

If you are a student, just expect the question paper is going to be easy, very easy. You will get a good mark without reading much. Isn’t the teacher is too kind? Yes. he is.

If you are in a job then just think about your boss. How kind he can be! He will forgive your all failure and never shout on you. Either he should promote you from your position.

Expect your crush is going to marry you very soon. Just expect everything from everyone.

3. Be Lazy and Increase Bad Habits

Being so much lazy can be the best way to waste your life. Laziness decreases our productivity badly. Try to wake up very late in the morning. When the sun is already in the middle of the sky.

You don’t need to exercise or go outside and hang out with friends, just stay at home, turn on the TV, Netflix or youtube. Stay indoor as much as possible and try to avoid all kind of interactions with others.

Increase your bad habits like eating much junk foods, not exercising, spending a lot of time with your smartphone and get addicted to the internet.

Don’t go out because it’s a beautiful day, just turn on the tv and watch News, crime scene and think how bad the world is!

4. Judge and Complain

When you are with your friends or colleagues, judge them as soon as you see them. Judge them negatively. Maybe some of them are liar, characterless, thief, dishonest and all the negative stuff. And remember to keep a distance.

If you need to spend some time with someone, complain. Complain about the weather, complain about noise, neighbors. Complain about the government, the system etc.

And always think that you are right and all of your opinions are right, everyone is wrong except you.

Be serious, very serious, very very serious!

5. Be Jealous, Feel Jealous

Why he had a beautiful life partner and I don’t have. Why he had a car, Why he leads a luxurious life and I don’t.

Feel jealous whenever you see things that you don’t have. Social media can help you to increase your jealousy. You can see your friends enjoying their life, having fun all the time. Your friends got everything in life and you have nothing.

Just compare yourself with others.


We have only one life and we never wanna waste that. We practice these 5 steps on our daily basis without knowing.

I tried to bring this steps to you so you can avoid these habits and make your life happier.

It’s not recommended to take this article seriously and start practicing the steps. Be sure you don’t carry any of the upper steps.

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Please leave a comment below and let us know how was the article and how can we improve and provide better articles that help you to live a better life.

Don’t forget to share with your friends. Goodbye.


No shortcuts, choose smart ways and work hard or regret sitting at home.

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