Introducing NOMOPHOBIA – The Effects Of Smartphone Addiction

Whenever i try to do any work attentively,i remember my mobile.

My smartphone addiction is increasing day by day but it’s impossible for me to pass a day without my smartphone.

If you have the same condition like this,

I am really sorry to say that you are suffering in a mental disease named NOMOPHOBIA.

NOMOPHOBIA Means the fear of staying away from your mobile or smartphone.


A research revealed that a smartphone addict checks his smartphone 5 times in every hour and 115 times everyday.

If the equation matches with you then you fall in the category of NOMOPHOBIA.

It is the correct time to become serious, because,

NOMOPHOBIA or Smartphone addiction highly decreases:

  • Productivity
  • Concentration power
  • Health

Today i will share you the practical and easy solution to get rid of smartphone addiction problem.

Before going to solutions let’s check what are the reasons of smartphone addiction.

Reason No 1 : Easy Entertainment


The smartphone is easy to carry and so much entertaining. When the wifi is on your smartphone will not be tired to entertain you all the time.

We all like entertainment but everything is profitable for us in a limit. If you cross the limit then it will change the side.

Nowadays a smartphone became so much cheap and you can see a 10 years kid using a smartphone.

We are stuck in entertainment. So we have to maintain the limit.

Reason No 2 : Fake Urgency

fake urgency

The first thing we do after waking up in the morning is to check our smartphone.

We give ourselves a fake urgency and we are like “let’s check if something important or interesting in it”.

And we got stuck in it.

The first 3 hours after waking up in the morning is so much important.

You don’t need to check the president’s twitted right now. It’s not urgent.

The interesting part is you know that it’s not urgent to check the social media right now. But you give fake urgency to yourself.

Reason No 3 : No Passion

Suppose, I am giving you 2 roads.

aimless road

and I am telling you to start walking and you know nothing about why you are walking. How will you feel?

Of course boring. You may check your smartphone while walking.

Now if I tell you to walk for 10 minutes and you will get a golden chest at the end of the road. How will you feel when walking?

You will love to walk and forgot about your smartphone.

If you notice that most of the time you start checking your smartphone when you feel boring.

Solution No 1: No Phone Zone

Research says that, after waking up from a good sleep, our willpower, energy, and productivity stays at the high level for 3 hours.

We have to properly utilize the first 3 hours after waking up in the morning and coming back from the office or school. Make this 6 hours as a no phone zone.

Do all the important work in this no phone zone.

Maybe there is an urgent mail or message in your no phone zone, in that case, nothing will be damaged if you reply it after 3 hours.

If someone really wants to talk with you urgently he must call you after not getting a reply. So I am not telling you to turn off or silence your phone.

If you use this no phone zone tips you have to stay 6 hours without entertainment. You can do all your important work in this 6 hours.

After the no phone zone ends you can take the smartphone and reward yourself with some entertainment.

Also avoid smartphone in some special case

  • While Eating: If you don’t eat attentively it highly affects your digestion power.
  • While talking with someone face to face: If you use your smartphone while talking with someone face to face it makes him feel unimportant.
  • Before 30 minutes of sleeping: Smartphones blue light damages our sleep pattern.

We can boost our health, productivity and willpower by just maintaining the use of smartphone-like I said.

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Solution No 2: Following Passion

More aimless more addicted. If you have nothing to do with life then the smartphone is the best option for time pass. And our brain and mind choose that.

To get rid of it we have to find our passion in life.

My personal passion is to take this blog readandwork to the highest level. So when I work with my blog I generally forgot my smartphone.

quote on passion

When you also find your passion your mind and soul will focus on that particular work and you don’t need anything to time pass. Here is a video about how to find passion in life.


No shortcuts, choose smart ways and work hard or regret sitting at home.

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