Time is Money – Stop Wasting Time And Make Your Life Better

Benjamin Franklin one of the Founding Fathers of the United States said,” Time is money”. So if you want to be rich then you have to stop wasting time.

When we learn nothing or just passing time called wasting time.

If you are learning something through bad work like gossip, it is not a waste of time.

Again, suppose you are doing a good job like reading a religious book only to earn virtue but you are learning nothing it falls into waste of time.

Because it has no good effect on your life.

So let’s start the article. Please read from beginning to end.

stop wasting time

Stop Wasting Time

Suppose we give you $ 86,000 in dollars that you will have to spend in a day. Or the money will vanish after the day.

How do you like to spend that money?

By doing some bogus things. Or buy gold which you can use later.

Everyday we get 86,000 seconds like the money. We can spend it on 2 ways.

  • Useless things: Doing bogus things that has no good effect on future.
  • Useful things:   Learn something that has good effect on future.

There are mainly 3 aspects in our life.

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Happiness

If any work can make these 3 aspects better then spending time on that work is useful.

So the easy way to stop wasting time is before you start any work,

just ask yourself,”is it going to make my life better”?

If answer is no then you have to stop doing the work.

steve jobs quote on wasting time

How We Waste Our Time Daily

When all the parts of the body are stiff after waking up in the morning,

we should do exercise that betterment our body.

Instead of exercise we start our day by checking our phone that harms our body.

I will use the smartphone for only 5 min, then how 30 min/ 1 hour passes you don’t even know!

Many of you are thinking that we can boost our happiness aspect by checking smartphone.


No. It only boosts Jealousy,Anxiety and Sadness.

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value of time-stop wasting time

3 Easy Steps To Change This Bad Habit

Step No 1 #Scheduling : In the morning, we use mobile phones because most of us are unplanned for the day. And many people do not have goals or the list of the works for the whole day.

Everybody had  dreams in life, but they don’t give the needed dedication or discipline.

That’s why many of our dreams never comes true.

You also have some dreams in life.

Such as – making your body like your favorite actor.

May be you have to gym daily 1 hour. So fix a time for the gym. For example (8-10 am).

In this way, schedule the entire day. Make list of work.

When you think you have free time for facebooking then just check the list and finish the work.

One of the best free of cost software to make checklist is any.do

stop wasting time any.do

I personally use it and it’s amazing.

Step No 2 #No Excuse : When it’s time for the workout your mind will say “No, not today, I don’t have mood today. I will start from tomorrow”.

There is a 2 min rule technique for excuse.

When your mind will say no mood today for the work.

You have to reply” Okay i will only do that for 2 min because i scheduled that”. I’ll do a lot tomorrow.

When you start the work by convince yourself for only 2 min. There is a chance to get a flow after doing it 2 min.

After 2 minutes you may not stop the work and continue.


Expectations Equals fear

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Many of you can think, what gonna happened in 2 min?

I will say that, at least you have completed a commitment to yourself.

It will increase your confidence for the work.

Step No 3 #Monitor: We get more motivation on the work when we progress day by day.

So every day you have to progress a little bit.

Today 20 push ups tomorrow 22 push ups or today meditation for 2 min tomorrow meditation for 2 min 30 sec.

It doesn’t matter if the progress is little.

progress inspires-stop wasting time

Monitor the progress everyday.

Final Words To Stop Wasting Time

When someone advice you to stop wasting time,

the most common excuse of you ” What will i do? I have nothing to do”.

But the truth of you is “I don’t want to work with brain. The social media scrolling and movies are better for me”

This kind of attitude will make your brain dull day by day.

And make your life miserable.

brain-stop wasting time

Always try to learn from every work you do.

If you keep a learning attitude to yourself, it will increase your earning.

Learning means lots of earning. Not only money earning,

health,wealth,happiness everything is meant to be.

Learn the things that makes your life better and avoid the things that makes your life bitter.

That’s the most simple and easy way to stop wasting time.

Finally a small request,if this article helps you a little bit please share it. Keep visiting us.

Feel free to comment. It inspires us.

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No shortcuts, choose smart ways and work hard or regret sitting at home.

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