Why Am I Sad? You are Sad Because Of These 5 – Convert Your Life

why am i sad


I don’t know why am i sad. Life is becoming boring day by day. Always feels like something is missing.

But I do not understand actually what is missing!

If these are your thoughts then read this article till end. Because today i will try to highlight those missing things to you.

So you can became careful to those missing things and convert your boring life into interesting life.

And yes, I will not only highlight your missing things but also give you the simple solution.

let me show you the top 5 reasons to be always sad.

Note : everyone can have personal issues but these are the top reasons of being sad now a days.

#1 Social Media Addiction

social media

Social media is teaching how to compare one’s life with other. You may find celebrities enjoying their life with so much expensive things.

And you think like if i were a celebrity.

The social media also teaching us not to stay happy with what you have right now. It’s saying you need more and more.

As a result feeling sad or missing is normal for you.

Because, It doesn’t matter how much happy you are with your life .

You can find a guy on SM who is showing off his life everyday, seeing him you may feel like your life is boring.

But the interesting part is, whom you think his life is interesting, he also feels his life is boring!

I am not saying that stop using social media. If you take limited drugs it will work like medicine. If you take it limitless it will became harmful.

Use social media when needed. Come out of addiction.

Be happy with what you have in life. And Never compare yourself with others.


But you may compare your life with those who are physically or mentally sick. And think you are much better than them.

#2 Aimless Life

Suppose you have to walk by a road and you don’t know why you are walking and you know nothing about the road. How will you feel when walking?

Of course you will feel boring.After some time will be upset because you don’t know the reason of walking.

aimless road

Now you have to walk by a road 1 Km in 10 minutes and after passing you will find a hidden treasure with full of gold.

How will you feel when walking?  Yes. It is interesting.

You need a specific and clear goal to make your life meaningful and interesting.

Yes, we all have goals in life but the goal is not clear.

Like ,someone had a goal of making much money in life. But this is not clear to him that how much money he need between which time.

A specific and clear goal provides inner energy.

So make a specific and clear goal. Take your life in right direction.

# 3 Laziness

From scientific point of view our full body is a well balanced chemical soup. Our physical and mental structure is controlled by the soup (hormones).

You may know that every emotion is controlled by hormones.  There is a hormone called Endorphin which controls better feeling.

Sometimes we notice that when the laziness extremely increased we feel sad and exhausted.

Laziness prevents endorphin hormone release.


And exercise,yoga,playing in the field releases endorphin hormone. So be active and boost the release of endorphin.

#4 Ignorance

Weight is increasing day by day and you know you need to be careful in your diet, and you know you should exercise daily. But you are ignoring the matter by giving excuses all the time.

You know you are betraying yourself.

When we betray ourselves our self esteem decreased highly.

Self esteem means : How much you like yourself and how much confident you are with yourself.

Low self esteem means we don’t like ourselves.

Now think, if i tell you to stay with a a guy that you don’t like at all. What will you feel?
You will feel angry,depressed and sad.

So you have to stop ignorance to increase self esteem.

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no more excuses

#5 No Sharing

Sharing makes our life meaningful. You may not feel the causeless happiness until you share your success with other.

Any kind of success. Suppose you are expert in cooking and you feel like something is missing.

But when you share you success with others it feels like ” Oh yes,I have contributed something in my life” .

sharing is caring

Sharing is also caring. It makes good relation with other. There is a narration “a real expert makes another expert”.

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Let’s see the 5 reason with a chart

reasons of being sad

If you think you need to add something feel free to comment and please share with your friends and families.


No shortcuts, choose smart ways and work hard or regret sitting at home.

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1 year ago

You may be a “professional” blogger, but you show you can’t be bothered to do research on an important subject, which is UNprofessional. These are only a very few reasons people can be sad out of many, and some are out of people’s control. To so erroneously narrow it down to these “reasons” does a disservice to many people–even those who might be able to do something about it.

Cute Angel
Cute Angel
1 year ago

Nicee post need help 4G Shayari

Hindi Gayan
Hindi Gayan
1 year ago


Idrees Shareef
Idrees Shareef
1 year ago

Nice post

1 month ago

Hello. And Bye.

Sarowar Mahmud
Sarowar Mahmud
1 month ago

bro,u r badass!!

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